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About Us

Finnovesh Inc. kickstarted it's operation back in 2018, with a goal of breaking barriers that all traders face in India when it comes to trade execution. Each trader is unique in terms of strategy, psychology, trading rules, risk capacity etc AND because we all are humans, we have emotions and they sometimes take the better of us because of which we lose discipline in our trades.
Our goal is to provide every successful manual trader an ideal system, wherein their trading rules identify the opportunity & execute them automatically without any human intervention.


If you have a successful trading strategy and you have been executing it manually for a considerable period of time then we can help you automate it using state-of-art technology stack. System trading at it's very foundation is never about undermining manual trading, on the contrary it's more like evolution where we are creating better tools to extract the best potential of human minds & backing it up by data.

Be it using a programming language like python, pine-script etc or any using technical indicators like VWAP, Bollinger Band etc, we integrate & custom implement everything as per your need. We automate rule based options strategies like Straddle, Strangle, Iron Fly, Iron Condor etc, additionally we work with customers to build their personalized strategies as well.

We deploy our services on Cloud platforms to enable access, control & management from anywhere in the world with a click of a button. We have API integration with all leading Broker like Zerodha, Fyers, IIFL, AngelOne etc.

We sit down with you, figure out the rule set in requirment gathering and once identified, we start working on the system which you want.
Given below is a simple comparison highlighting why everyone should automate their trade execution:

  • Going through all the data real time via charts/indicator, which has very high probabilty of manual error
  • Sitting in front of the system all day long, which takes away all your time
  • Using Strategies which are not Backtested, which means you are gambling but other's are not


If you already know that doing automated trading is a smart decision, then you are halfway done. Next most important thing is which platform you choose to do so, there are many players in the market which offer tools using which you can build your strategy around well defined technical and quantitative indicators.
The problem with such tools is that they are too generic and you can only re-use what they already have. This reminds of one famous law by Murphy:

Build a system that even a fool can use, and only a fool will want to use it

Hence, using such platforms although seems intuitive but it’s not as perfect as it promises to be.
So, our offering is to develop proprietary trading platform and execution machinery which will be tailored as per your requirements and rules. To explain it broadly, you get access to a team which will create tools in a manner in which you want them & not what is already available in the market in it's plain vanilla format.
This strategy will be your intellectual property and you can even sell it to other traders as a product and earn royalty.


The beauty of trading system doesn't lie in the thought/idea alone, it's more like a human body where a lot of systems come together to make it work and this is exactly what we promise our customers. Whatever system we build with our clients are completely private and legally covered by Non-disclosure agreement(NDA).
In fact we have taken it a step further & we sign an MoU that whatever strategy we build for a customer we can never use it commercially for any purpose.



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